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Mount Buller Camp

Good Morning Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those gorgeous youngsters?? Feedback is very important in what we do, when we ran Mount Hotham last year, other then everyone having a ball, the consensus was to go to Buller (closer was part of the reasoning), hence here we are. I ask you read the following information very carefully, as it can be a tad confusing. Yet another very exciting announcement by the always active single parents active kids.

Buller Central _ Ski-in ski-out accommodation.htm

Arriving Friday the 8th of August, leaving Monday the 11th of August, yep 3 nights 4 days.
3 of the 5 rooms have bunk beds, 2 of the rooms have a double bed and a set of bunk beds. Kids under 8 can sleep head to tail and we also have the option of a trundle bed in the rooms to keep the cost right down. If the numbers are low by the first installment date, I will need to take a few rooms away, so get those rsvp’s in asap please members.

$10 per family is not included in the price, our host Marianne will only pay half her families price for this camp. She has already contacted Buller and we have had plenty of conversations (lol, poor Marianne), very importantly she will be the face of the organisation at the camp, and the person that I will contact to see how everything is going.

$1700 per room for the 3 nights, that obviously will be divided by the amount of people in there. Example 2 families have 1 kid each above 8, the cost will be $850 per family. That cost does include breakfast and 3 course dinner for the duration of your stay. Another example for you, if both families have 2 kids under 8, the cost will still be $850 (+ $10 camp host fee) per family.
Keeping in mind the trundle bed idea really opens up the opportunities, $50 per night per trundle (obviously all beds must be taken first) which includes the meals really does give more a chance to come along. Please keep in mind there is a limit of amount of people sleeping at this resort, so having 8 in one room will not be allowed.

For the first time we actually worked out the instalment structure with the camp-site, so single parents active kids won’t need to pay a cent until that first instalment is due as well, makes life so much easier and gives members the opportunity to enjoy this camp, otherwise would not have happened!
First Instalment must be in our account by Wednesday 18th of June.
Final payment must be in our account by Wednesday 9th of July.
I am more then happy for members to pay weekly if you like, it is all about communication and making more dreams come to fruition!

Single Parents Active Kids bsb 033073 acc 412883 Please when you make any payments have your name and Buller with your payment and at this stage E-mail me on

According to the lovely lady I spoke to today, as OUR group is there for 4 days/3 nights there is a massive opportunity to get a discounted package for the ski passes, about 15% discount.

Highly recommend Car Pooling, keeps the cost down and company for the parents and their kids, those interested in car pooling please let me know and hopefully can organise it for you.

The ski season is a very short one, to enjoy this experience with like minded single parents and their kids adds to the adventure. All you have to do is rsvp, pay on time, show up and have a ball, wonderful.


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