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Snow 23rd of August


Good Morning Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those sensational youngsters?? This is something I have been thinking about for a while, especially now we have members on standby for the 2nd of August. The cost is $10 more, because we are getting a 28 seater bus, but if numbers are great and we need 57 seater bus, then the price will come back to $70, believe me that is extremely cheap. There are a lot of new families to these E-mails, if you are interested in a wonderful day out to Lake Mountain, everything organised for you, join single parents active kids asap! Membership form attached. I have just spoken to both the bus company and the place we hire the snow gear from, absolutely no issues with the slight change, rapport building at it’s best.
Saturday 23rd of of August.

When we come back from the snow, we will be starving, Daisy’s Restaurant has got a great play area and is in the Entertainment Book, EB C 106 to save a bit more money. We are using their car park so it is a way to reward them for their help. Hoping to book them today, will book for 40 for each weekend mentioned above.
Please when you rsvp to one of the dates above, let me know straight away if you are coming to dinner or not. By doing so it cuts down on E-mails, I would not have to ask are you coming to dinner, sounds simple and convenient hey??!
If you are not coming to the snow you are still more then welcome to join us for dinner, just as per normal rsvp a minimum of 2 days before the event.

We will meet at Daisy’s Car Park in Ringwood (Maroondah Highway Side), info below, by 9 am sharp, the bus will take us to the place we are hiring the gear from, we will then head and enjoy Lake Mountain for 4 hours of tobogganing, snow person (lmbo, politically correct term apparently) and more. We will return and drop off the gear we hired and then head back to Daisy’s car park where we can go into the restaurant and have dinner.

Daisy’s Car Park, Ringwood, 6 Mount Dandenong Road, 49 K8

9 AM:
I can’t make this point any clearer, if you are late you will miss out (unfair on all the other members that made the effort to get there on time), so leave 20 minutes earlier then you normally would, we want to maximise our fun at the mountain.

The bus is for our use from 9 am oh so sharp through to about 5.30, about the time we get back. If you want to bring your lunch or a bag you are more then welcomed to leave in the bus.
28 is the maximum numbers allowed, no matter how old your child is, they still count as 1.
I know there is already a fair bit of interest in these camps (members were talking about it at Mansfield Zoo), so get those rsvp’s in asap please.

$80 Per person, if you have your own snow gear the cost will be cheaper, please read on.
The camp host fee is included in the amazing price above.
Will need a host for the 23rd of August, that member will only pay half the amount due, so if you have one child instead of paying $160 you will pay $80 and so on. The host will have a massive role to play on the day itself, all the the other work is done by the camp administrator ( Me Moush), to get this info to you there has already being a few phone calls and making sure all the info is there that you may need in this E-mail, clarity is so important in what we are trying to achieve.

Bus trip up and back.
Entry to Lake Mountain. 4 hours at lake mountain is more then enough.
Toboggan, Waterproof Pants, Gloves and Boots (I will be asking for boot sizes much closer to the camp, makes the process at the hiring place much quicker and smoother, effective efficiency) each person. You are responsible for the gear you hire, for example if you lose a toboggan you need to pay for it, about $70 from memory, so please keep a very close eye on your and your kids equipment.

If you want to hire these please do so when we stop at the place we have built a rapport with over 6 years. The cost is $10 per person, please do not pay this amount to single parents active kids pay this on the day to the wonderful ladies that look after us so well.

First payment (generally half the amount owed) by Friday 11th of July.
Final payment by Friday 8th of August.
If you are struggling to pay on time, please let us know a week before payments are due via E-Mailing Communication is very important in what we do.

Your Own Name, Snow, Single Parents Active Kids bsb 033073 acc 412883 Please when you make any payments have your name and description with your payment E-mail me on

If you are on this list and those members on this list all know why, you must have the money in our account before your rsvp is accepted.
Obviously still more than welcome to attend, but payment before rsvp.

I would highly recommend taking your own, the bus stays with us for the duration of the day.

$80 per person to enjoy 4 fun filled hours up at Lake Mountain, you don’t have to worry about chains, petrol, slippery roads or anything like that. Your main concern is to get your rsvp’s in asap take note of when payments are due and the rest will be done for you by single parents active kids. All you need to do is turn up by 9 am and enjoy, now that is the beauty of single parents active kids, the organisational work is done for you.
These days at Lake Mountain are a lot of fun, we have done them since the start of our amazing organisation and can’t see any reason to not give all members another opportunity to enjoy.

Take care, talk soon, Moush Single Parents Active Kids Phone: 0430 504 119 14 Frankston St, Reservoir, 3073



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