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Tree Adventures

Good Morning Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those oh so active youngsters?? Absolutely loved Saturday, the challenge tree adventures provides is a great one, members jump on board and test yourselves, 2 dates to choose from also either a Saturday or Sunday, so wanting to maximise numbers again!


Saturday 12th of September and or Sunday 20th of September. You are more then welcome to come to both.
Please in your initial E-mail let me know which date you are keen on.

Must get there 11 am for 11.15 start (sessions go for 2 hours). Kick on is at the Micawber Tavern | cnr Monbulk Road & Gully Crescent Belgrave (10 mins max from Tree Adventures, great location, we had lunch and plenty of laughs there last year) , please members if you are interested in coming along for lunch let me know if your initial rsvp, if you are not interested please let me know in your initial rsvp, communication is gold

Glen Harrow Park, Old Monbulk Road, Belgrave

Adult $40, Concession Adult $35, Age:10 yrs to 17 Yrs $35, Age 5-9 $25 If we get 10 or more on a particular weekend we get 10% discount on each purchase.
Please when you rsvp let me know if you are a concession card holder, otherwise I will put you down as a fully paying adult.

12th of August is payment date, the sooner you rsvp the better.

Your Own Name, TreeAd, Single Parents Active Kids bsb 033073 acc 412883

These is plenty of interest in this activity for sure, already booked so we won’t miss out, just a case of how many come along and challenge themselves on the courses provided.
Love a challenge and the tree adventure definitely provides one, lots of fun to be had at the same time, bring it on!


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