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Good Morning Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those tremendous kids? A big thank you goes to Jo and Renae for their help and opinion in getting this all together, so many choices on where to go and where to stay, but from the time we saw AVANI (more on that below) we knew that was going to be our first destination. I have tried to put as much information as possible in this E-mail, please if you have any questions ask away.

The Hotel: AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

Offering guests a dreamy over-water getaway, AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort villas are arranged into the shape of a palm that stretches out over the calm tropical waters of the Malacca Straits along Malaysia’s south western coastline. Guests wake to the sound of water lapping gently beneath their abode, stroll through lush gardens that lead directly to the beach, and spend balmy evenings relaxing on their private sea-view terrace. A two-bedroom Family Villa Room offers travellers an indulgent space to spend their down time, and features mod cons including king and twin bedding, separate bathtub, LCD television and air-conditioning. Each morning begins with an included breakfast before guests embark on action-packed adventures, or simply relax and unwind by the pool or with a visit to the AVANI Spa.

Staying at this amazing resort until 11th of January Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort,

This link here is how I went about it, I could not afford to pay the whole lot now, that’s why didn’t go through the hotel, so this to me was my best method in making this possible:

As of yesterday 10% of the total cost came off my card and more importantly I have until 19th of December to make final payment, that works!

So we check out of Avani 11th of January and need to check in to a hotel in Kuala Lumper from 11th of January to 14th of January, another 3 nights worth of accommodation.
We will have a get-together in the next fortnight and decide where we are going to stay, must have a swimming pool and be close to shopping, that’s why we are finishing our holiday in the capital of Malaysia.


Jo, Luci and Stephen are going to leave Melbourne and get to Malaysia 1st of January. Renae and I will be leaving Melbourne 2nd of January. So totally your choice, you also have the choice of coming back once our stay at Avani is completed 11th of January, plenty of think music required I bet!

We will all be returning from Malaysia on the late flight 14th of January.


MEL – KUL 10:35 02 January 2017
KUL – MEL 22:30 14 January 2017
Expedia $837.55

That is the cheapest flight at this stage leaving 2nd of January. Times are very comfortable, leaving Melbourne 10.35 and then coming back on the overnight flight from Kuala Lumper 10.30pm their time.

Melbourne is 3 hours in front of Malaysia. So 6 pm here is 3 pm there.

Obviously must have a valid passport to come along, lol worth getting one as we will be looking at going overseas the following year and more.
Visa: AUSTRALIAN Citizensdo not need a visa to visit Malaysia provided:

-Your passport is still valid for at least six (6) months on arrival
-Your visit is up to three (3) months only
- You have a confirmed return or onward international ticket.

100.00 MYR = 31.2000 AUD

For Everest Base Camp (lol, that’s why handy not to throw away any info you collect on the way, this is one folder that I will never ever delete on purpose) we used Virgin Travel Insurance and they came through big time, so can’t see any reason why not use them again, the peace of mind factor is a big one!

The 2 attachments are directly from the resort we are lucky enough to be staying at. There is also this link that will help:

Now that basically everything has been decided we can start looking at different activities to enjoy while in this wonderful country.


Like GC16 this weekend we will have a get-together either at a Malaysian Restaurant or at someone’s home (Mid to late December I reckon) and discuss how we are going to go about our amazing holiday!

Rapt, Stoked with Avani and Malaysia as our holiday destination, so so much to offer. The fact we are paying $700 per room less then the deal (here is that deal, have a look at the savings that we have made, wow, that first drew our attention to Avani is massive and as mentioned above the not needing to pay until 19th of December is incredible.
Water activities at the resort we are staying at looks incredible, we have heard nothing but great comments about the Malaysian people. So so looking forward to Magnificent Malaysia!

Take care, talk soon, Moujahid (Moush) Mohtadi Single Parents Active Kids Phone: 0430 504 119 3/307 High St Thomastown



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