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Gold Coast 2018 (GC18)


Good Morning Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those ripper youngsters?? Extremely exciting times ahead for single parents and their wanting to be active kids. So why go with single parents active kids?
Everything and I mean everything is organised for you:

  • We already know where we are staying and the price (first discount achieved).

  • The option of sharing with another family, we have so many families within our group, can promote this family with kids this age is looking to share, we are a massive group, so that possibility is always alive.

  • We have instalment structures in place to make it affordable.

  • An itinerary that has worked a treat is already in place.

  • Discounts for everything including:  Theme Parks, Dinners, Flights and so on will be sourced for you.

  • We have stayed here 4 times, location is sensational and any questions I can answer if not will ask my contact (5th time using this legend) for the answer.

  • You are going with like minded single parents and their kids.

  • ‘Positive Peer Group pressure”, at theme parks when are a tad hesitant to go on a ride, you see kids around the same age wanting to go and encouraging you to go, you will go and and then want to go on again and again and again.

  • Waiting in lines is not such a chore, because you are talking with fellow single parents and the kids are bonding with you and other kids that have come with us.

  • Lol, running from one ride to another, making sure we complete the biggest and most thrilling rides, OMG bring it on.


Arrival date: Friday July the 6th 2pm (Straight after the attached Cruise to Great Barrier Reef, obviously you do not need to go on the Cruise to come to GC18), but can work something out about our luggage and so on if want to arrive earlier!! You are more then welcome to get there Friday night, Saturday or even Sunday, your call (have a look at the proposed itinerary below as a guide), as long as you let me know in your initial E-mail that would be great.
Departure date: Friday 13th of July, 10 am as per everywhere you go!! Again you are more then welcome to leave Sunday if you choose, but this is all about communication.
I can tell you Renae last night left to go to Brisbane for her cruise with mum and brothers, the weather is a magical 24 degrees. 

ACCOMMODATION: , we stayed there in 09,11,13 and 16 loved it. Very close to everything, 7 short blocks from Caval Avenue, across the road from the beach, Lifesaving also across the road, I would recommend getting extra toilet paper and coffee/tea on your first day to make sure your right for what will be an amazing 8 days.
The younger kids will be in the lower apartments!!

All apartments at Surfers Beachside offer a fully equipped kitchen with Dishwasher, Microwave, full conventional oven with stove. All kitchen utilities, cutlery, crockery and linen are included in the tariff. Each apartment also offers a washing machine & dryer, iron and ironing board, direct dial telephones & clock radio. All of our apartments offer cable Foxtel and Air-conditioning.

Room configurations are as follows:

ONE BEDROOM apartments are available with one queen size bed with 1 bathroom for 2 guests with a foldaway max 3 guests.
TWO BEDROOM apartments comprise of 1 queen and 2 single beds with 2 bathrooms – for 4 guests with a foldaway max 5 guests.


Building rapport is massive with our group, the prices below shows a saving of $45 per night for 1 bedroom and $60 per night for 2 bedrooms, sharing always keeps the prices down (have a look at next section about sharing).

So as an example if you stay for 5 nights in a 1 bedroom apartment you save $225.
Please add $10 per family for camp administration/host fees.

2018 Mid Season rates

2018 S.P.A.K Mid Season special rates

Mid Season

Mid Season

 29th June 18 & after 21st July 18

Stay dates                     During 29th June 18 & after 21st July 18

$170 pn

  1 bedroom $125 pn

$225 pn

2 bedrooms $165 pn


SHARING OPTION:As you can tell from above we can fit up to 5 in one room, which opens up the sharing option which keeps prices right down. This worked a treat on our trip in 09,11 and 13. If you can tell me who you want to share with that would be great, otherwise I can help in getting a families to share, it does really keep the cost down!!!!!!

I just need to mention please always deal through me for any extra nights or anything like that, last time we had a previous member deal with the hotel without mine or our contact’s knowledge, caused a load of work for all involved, none of which was constructive, any issues deal with me asap!!

The following dates are guides other then the final instalment which does need to be paid by Friday 8th of June, keeping in mind very busy part of the year for them as well (Surfers Beachside), so we can’t hold onto the rooms for too long.

First instalment as soon as you rsvp.
Second instalment Friday 8th of September
Third Instalment Friday 20th of October
Fourth instalment Friday 24th of November
Fifth instalment Friday 19th of January.
sixth instalment Friday 16th of March
Seventh instalment Friday 13th of April
eight instalment Friday 11th of May
ninth and final instalment must be in by Friday 8th of June
You can obviously set up a weekly payment if you like, what-ever works for you, but that final date is very important to follow.

Your Own Name, GC18.Single Parents Active Kids bsb 033073 acc 412883 ,  Please ensure your name and reason is with all payments Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

We would also like to offer you and all your members a complimentary sausage sizzle and pancakes with maple syrup breakfast one morning in our pool area during your stay, please advise what morning you would prefer to have this!! This will happen as long as we get a minimum of 8 apartments, 2 are already spoken for, have the feeling this will be very popular.

There are always specials going on and with Dreamworld we can get group bookings, will work this out as we go along.

This worked a treat for us last time, we were able to book a bus to pick us up at say 9.30 am take us to a theme park and then drop us of once we had our enjoyment at closing time, I will add it was wonderful experience going to and coming back from the theme parks, the camaraderie on the trips was something to behold, highly recommend this method of travel, convenience plus!!

Always on the lookout for cheap flights, will set up a GC18 e-mail folder, as soon as cheap flights appear will let those coming along know and we can enjoy even more of this trip together.


This is definitely a members only event. You must be a member when you put your name down for GC18, and you must be a member when the holiday takes place. By the time we go 12 months of work (as a guide GC09 I received 467, GC11 729 E-mails about the trip, as well as phone calls, meetings, and so on) would have gone into this trip for our members.

GC09, GC11, GC13 were absolutely amazing, GC16 followed suit, the only one Renae and I missed. We will have more options available to our members, we will definitely be having more dinners at the local Life-Saving Club where our contact Marcus has get a contact in there.
The itinerary is only a guide, it worked well in GC11 and 13. What I do ask is your going to go to a theme park make sure you go when the group goes, that’s the whole idea of the trip.
The beauty for those with younger kids is they can also enjoy the more thrilling rides by rotating who looks after the younger kids, there is no reason what so ever to miss out on the Superman Ride for instance.

TESTIMONIAL: Here is a testimonial form one of the very satisfied parents after GC09: 

The week we all spent in the Gold Coast has got to be one of the best weeks I can recall in my 47 years.   Not only was the planning, coordination and all the other aspects that went with this magnificent holiday impeccable, but the way you held yourself with all the other day to day issues was nothing short of inspiring.  Your choice of motel was excellent with both price and location.  You were consultative with ideas and happy to listen to other ideas.  My son and I made friends whilst enjoying the wonderful experiences of the theme parks.  You organised a schedule which allowed everyone to join in and encouraged people to be independent (if they wanted to).   Your passion and commitment with sourcing discounts for the members prior to the holiday has allowed me to come along (and everyone else) to the GC which would otherwise be only a dream.  You made this dream possible mate and I cannot thank you enough.
I cannot fault you in any way with all aspects with the holiday.  You can “hold your head high” and have certainly exceeded yourself with this one my friend.
I was really impressed with all the single Mums and Dads in the way that we all worked as a team in looking after each others kids whist at the theme parks.  The way everyone looked out for each other whilst at the pool and the way everyone treated and respected each other.  I wanted to thank each one of you for making this holiday a huge success. 



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