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Comedy All Stars


Good Morning Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those ripper kids?? Love love the comedy festival and definitely intend to enjoy as much of it as possible, we as a group are subscribed to a few agencies where we will definitely be getting some extremely cheap tickets to enjoy, so this show gives us an insight into some of the main performers during this wonderful festival.


An absolutely cracking start to the festival; as always! There are too many acts to review individually, but it was simply a fantastic night of comedy. Peter Helliar hit the nail on the head when he said that once this show is aired on TV most of the acts will sell out! Heaps of the staples of the festival were already sure to (Wil Anderson, Umbilical brothers, Hannah Gadsby, etc), but some others that you should absolutely book tickets for immediately, or suffer unending FOMO, are: 
Aunty Donna – certain to be the next big thing in sketch and physical comedy!
Sarah Tiana (US) – Southern belle delivering hilarious anecdotes
Nish Kumar (UK) –’critically acclaimed’, intelligent humour
Nick Cody – brilliantly crafted stand-up from an Aussie darling of comedy
Bridget Everett (US) – the US cabaret queen; be prepared for boobs and audience engagement!
Al Murray (UK) – British pub humour, but smarter

Wednesday 29th of March, 7.30 (will look to have bargain special event dinner before the show), 191 Collins st Regent Theatre.

Please when you rsvp let me know exactly how many tickets you would like our group to purchase on your behalf (I would recommend this be a 15+ event, language and content can offence, ummm at the show as well, roflmao), keeping in mind at all times this is a members only event.
This show is always a sell out, so Saturday morning 7am gives everyone a week to say yes.
There is a limit of 6 per transaction (I like this, it gives us a chance to get tickets) so we may need another member to help us out, I know I will be there with bells on, don’t have the guts to ask Renae right now (for some reason 4am in the morning she tends to be a tad grumpy) if she wants to come along, lol.

$60 including transaction fees, these are the cheapest tickets and with it being at the Regent Theatre every seat is a good one, so I reckon that will appeal to more of our members.

10th of March, so yep 4 months after these tickets are purchased on our behalf, what a group we have going here.

Your Own Name, All stars, Single Parents Active Kids bsb 033073 acc 412883, Please E-mail after every payment.



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