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Caribbean Cruise 2016

Good afternoon Fellow Single Parents Active Kids how are we and those forever grateful kids?? This is of the most exciting opportunities I have ever been privileged enough to write about, WOW. Obviously plenty of information to get through, so please read very carefully before replying

DATE/ITINERARY 2016 Cruise to the Caribbean:
We will definitely be enjoying Disney World before the Cruise starts.

Sat Jan 16 Port Canaveral, FL 4:00pm
Sun Jan 17 Nassau, Bahamas 8:00am 3:00pm
Mon Jan 18 St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 11:00am

Tue Jan 19 St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 7:00pm
Wed Jan 20 St. Maarten  8:00am 5:00pm
Thu Jan 21 At Sea

Fri Jan 22 At Sea
Sat Jan 23Port Canaveral, FL 8:00am4:00pm
Sun Jan 24 Key West, FL  11:00am 6:00pm
Mon Jan 25 At Sea
Tue Jan 26 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  8:00am 5:00pm

Wed Jan 27 Ocho Rios, Jamaica  8:00am 5:00pm
Thu Jan 28 At Sea
Fri Jan 29 Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas  8:00am 5:00pm
Sat Jan 30 Port Canaveral, FL 8:00am

29-32 degrees, perfect.
To be able to save for this trip and make it happen to the best of our abilities. Hopefully make arrangements with work, kids other parent and so on. Having something to look forward to is very important, does not get better then a trip to USA and then 14 day cruise around the Caribbean. From our groups point of view, maximise numbers, current and future members will have the opportunity to jump on, 17 months of promotion will give as many of our members this unbelievable chance to enjoy this once in a lifetime holiday.

Must be a member when your rsvp comes in and at the time of the Cruise. The work that goes into making something as huge as this happens is to benefit our loyal members!
As a guide on the costs I have been looking for flights January 2015 at the same time as we are going, they do get cheaper as the month goes on, that’s part of the reason I have picked the 16th of January. I am looking at about $1800 per person as an in between price as my guide, I am tailoring my instalments for Renae and I around that figure and the figure you will see for the Cruise.
It is really important to let me know in your initial E-mail if you are looking at grabbing your flights yourself, or hope the group can find some. When the excel spreadsheet is set up, the total amount owing is really important for all involved. I have decided to go with the option of the group purchasing the flights once we see cheap ones, you will see from my personal instalment structure how this will work.

The mindset and the reason I have gone with the company that I have is to set this trip up as a package, flights/cruise/accommodation even hopefully group tickets to Disney World. So that’s why in your initial E-mail I need to know about your intent for flights.

Twin Share, Triple Share or Quad Share. Your beds are made for you, towels are replaced everyday, so don’t need to take towels along as you can also take towels off the ship! That’s the main reason we all must pay gratuities!

Please only rsvp if you are a million per cent sure, as a few members know pulling out of a Cruise and getting a refund is really hard to do, so be totally sure before you give me the following details:
Full name as per passport including middle name/s.
Date of Birth of you and your kids.
Current Address.
Mobile Phone Number.
If you want us to look for flights for you or if you want to do that for yourself.
Cabin type, if you are looking at sharing, e.g. you are coming with your youngster and would like to share with another family in the same boat.
You are more then welcome to come by yourself, as 6 parents did for South Pacific and they all had a ball and credit to all of them, they were definitely part of the fun.
If you have 4 kids or more, you are still more then welcome to attend, one of your kids can share with another family, it will make their trip even cheaper.
Flights, are you going to look for your own or will your payments include flights.
The only way this can happen is if you are sharing with another family, then we can replace you, but if you have booked a cabin just for your family it will be hard very hard to get you a refund.
If you are in a parents only cabin, say there are 4 of you, if one of you pulls out that is okay as long as we can replace you.
The general rule is need a minimum of 1 person from the original booking in that cabin, that has been confirmed by the company we are dealing with!

Our group will be paying the bond on your behalf as soon as possible. We were originally told the bond would be $400 per cabin but that has changed to $1910 for Quad, $1430 for Triple and $960 for twin. Single Parents Active Kids are in a position to pay for 2 (perhaps 3 depending on configurations we need) of those straight away, and as funds come in and we are comfortable we will keep on paying that initial bond. First in best dressed. If you want to beat the queue, you can pay the bond straight into our account and we will make sure you are on the list.
The beauty of all this, is there is a long way to go, so very little chance of anyone missing out, after the initial instalments are in (you will see below), we will have 5-6 cabins paid for if not more!
Something really important to keep in mind, the prices below are the maximum prices we will pay. Have made a deal with the company I am dealing with, that if any specials come up for the same Cruise, we will be moved to the lower price no issues at all. The company I am dealing with are very confident there will be specials along the way, but no guarantees.
Gratuities I have decided to add to the prices straight up, these are compulsory tips/service fees, I was tinkering with the idea of giving members the option of paying while on board or beforehand, logistically having them as part of the Cruise fair works a lot better for all concerned.

Twin share total cost: $3018 so $1509 per person ($107.80 per day), these prices include about $220 worth of government taxes + approx $180 per person gratuities.
Triple Share total cost: $3951 so $1317 per person ($94 per day), these prices include about $220 worth of government taxes + approx $180 per person gratuities.
Quad share total cost: $4884 so $1221 $87.20 per day) per person ,  these prices include about $220 worth of government taxes + approx $180 per person gratuities.

Every parent needs to pay $10 camp host/administration fee, this fee is not included in the above prices.

Must have a valid and current passport for this adventure.

1st Instalment Wednesday 20th of August.
2nd Instalment Wednesday 22th of October.
3rd Instalment Wednesday 10th of December.
4th Instalment Wednesday 18th of February.
5th Instalment Wednesday 15nd of April
6th Instalment Wednesday 17th of June.
7th Instalment Wednesday 5th of August
8th and Final Instalment Wednesday 30th of September.
What we are asking with instalments is the first one must be paid for on time and the last one, the middle 6 are all guides.
You are more then welcome to do what I have done and set up a weekly deduction out of my account straight into Single Parents Active kids account, info below. For the next 65 weeks I am having $77 taken from my account, that will equal $5005 which should cover flights and the cruise for Renae and I. Keeping in mind I have money (over $700) in our account for New Zealand trip that can go to this amazing trip.

Single Parents Active Kids bsb 033073 acc 412883 Cruise is the description we need!
The brochure price was $3199 we are paying at the most $1509 per person, the original price did not include gratuities, so about $1870 per person saving on original price, in most cases more.
The South Pacific Cruise was the most convenient possible holiday you can have, hence this opportunity presented to you. Food/activities/shows/kids club and so much more all on board and paid for, you can do as much as you like or as little as you like.

Bucket list items don’t get much bigger and better then this hey?? A few days in Florida including at least one day at Disney World, and then on a 14 days cruise around the Caribbean. To enjoy this experience with our kids and fellow single parents and their kids will be unbelievable.
Who would have thought when we started single parents active kids back in 2008 that this would be even spoken about let alone within reach, simply incredible what can be done when you truly believe.
“There are no limits” has been a motto from the start of our journey, and wow are we living up to it or what??
Thank you single parents active kids for presenting the most amazing opportunities ever!


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